Mission Statement  Los Amigos is a parent organization supporting the Spanish Immersion Program at all levels, K-12, in Fayette County Schools.  See what we've done so far!


  • Provide mutual support for students, teachers, and families in the Spanish Immersion Program.
  • Act as an information clearinghouse for all parents in the Spanish Immersion Program.
  • Influence policy that affects the K-12 Spanish Immersion Program at each school level and at the level of the Board of Education.
  • Recruit and retain students for the program at all levels, K-12.


Why Los Amigos?  For parents new to the Immersion Program, it may be unclear why Los Amigos, the parent-teacher support group for the Spanish Immersion Program K-12, is necessary in addition to the PTA organizations available at Liberty, Maxwell, Northern, Bryan Station Middle, and Bryan Station High. The immersion program began as just two classes at Maxwell, a neighborhood school. Immersion parents soon realized that the Maxwell PTA had to address the needs of the entire population, not just immersion students and teachers. Los Amigos was founded to support the immersion program, help it grow, and to address the unique needs of the Spanish Immersion students and staff.

Today, Maxwell PTA is stronger than ever, supporting a 100% Spanish Immersion student body and staff. However, the immersion program at the other schools is still part of neighborhood schools. At these schools, Los Amigos is critical in supporting the needs of immersion students and staff and addressing issues that will help the program grow. This organization has played a pivotal role in improving and growing the program over the years, and the need continues for Los Amigos to pursue goals for Spanish Immersion at all five locations – Liberty Elementary, Maxwell Elementary, Northern Elementary, Bryan Station Middle, and Bryan Station High School. We, the parents and teachers of Spanish immersion, can have a strong voice in our school system and can get the policies and changes we need to keep strengthening our program. Please bring your ideas, your concerns, and your talents to our next Los Amigos meeting

Los Amigos meetings are held monthly and rotate among the five schools. Check the calendar for the date, time, and location of the next meeting. For more information, contact Kay Saffari at kaysaffari@hotmail.com







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The Spanish Immersion Program is a K-12 program in the Fayette County Public Schools in Lexington, Kentucky. Students are taught the Spanish language through partial immersion by native Spanish speakers teaching Science and Math.

Our SIP students are among the top performing students in the state on standardized tests. Students who complete the program through high school are bilingual with native level mastery and have had exposure to a variety of different cultures from Spanish-speaking countries.

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