Kroger Community Rewards

The current Kroger gift card program (Kroger Cares) is ending effective August 31, 2014.  A new program, Kroger Community Rewards, will begin September 1, 2014.  

  • What is Kroger Community Rewards?
  • Supporters will create/login to their account at and connect their Kroger Plus (your shopping card, usually a keytag) to the organization that you wish to support. 
  • How do I sign up?
    • Check here soon for a link to support Los Amigos.  We have to reapply for the new program and will post the link here ASAP.
    • Please note that you will have to re-register your Kroger plus card every August to continue supporting your chosen organization.
  • Can I support more than one organization?
    • No.  You can only support one organization at a time, but you can change it any time.
  • Do I have to buy a gift card to support my organization?
    • No, all contributions from Kroger will be based on purchases made when you used your Kroger Plus card at checkout. 
  • What will earn rewards for my organization?
    • Almost anything every time you shop.  Exclusions include fuel, alcohol, tobacco, government-assisted prescription purchases, stamps, Kroger gift cards, reloadable gift card (Visa/MC/Amex), lottery tickets, Western Union, and sales tax.
  • What about the current gift card?
    • All money added to your card by August 30, 2014 will earn rewards for your organization. The organization is credited when you add money to the card not when you spend it.
    • You may use your gift card at any time (per Kroger policies).  Your gift card will NOT expire with the program's termination; it just won't earn additional rewards for amounts loaded to the card after August 30.
  • How does this affect the money raised for my child's Costa Rica or Spain trip?
    • All money raised through August 31 will be credited towards your child's class trip (divided evenly among those who participated in the Kroger Cares program per IRS regulations) unless changes by the IRS, FCPS, or other governing organizations change policies or rules which affect this.
    • With Kroger Community Rewards, organizations will NOT be able to track any individual's usage of their Kroger Plus card.  All funds will be put into the Los Amigos general fund to support programs at all of the schools in the Spanish Immersion Program. 
    • Los Amigos is exploring options to see if and how some of the money raised can be used to support the trips.
  • Will Los Amigos still raise as much money?
    • The amount raised each quarter is unknown as Kroger Community Rewards does not have a fixed percentage of sales that they will contribute to the program.  The amount will fluctuate depending on the number of supporters of Los Amigos and the number of organizations participating in the program. 

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